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Referrals program

Users will get an amount of LP tokens in exchange for adding token pairs to the Liquidity Pool.
Users who hold a sufficient number of LP tokens will be eligible to activate the Referral function. They may then get their referral links, share with their friends to set up Referrals and receive 7% Referral Commission (of total value that their Referrals earn from Farming Program).
The amount of LP tokens will keep accumulating every time users add token pairs to the Pool, and then the user can use the newly earned LP tokens to form a 2 Tier Referral System. In addition to the Tier 1 reward, users who successfully set up Tier 2 will get an additional 10% commission from F1, 5% commission from F2 and 2% commission from F3, increasing their total commission to 17%.
These LPs will stay in the user's wallet, allowing them to optimize earnings by through AtoDEX Farming Program. If a user exchanges or trades these LP tokens, however, their Referrals will be immediately become inactive and they will no longer receive their Referral Commission.
Tier 1
F0 refer F1 to join -> F0 got 7% commission from F1
F1 refer F2 -> F0 got 0% commission
Tier 2
F0 refer F1 to join -> F0 got 10% commission
F1 refer F2 -> F0 got 5% commission
F2 refer F3 -> F0 got 2% commission
F3 refer F4 -> F0 got 0% commission