Atodex Document

How to benefit from Mission Feature?

Complete daily Missions to get AtoPoints, which can then be swapped for AtoDEX tokens after listing.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1️⃣ Connect Wallet

🔹 Click Connect Wallet.
+ AtoDEX supports 3 popular wallets on Aptos, which are Martian, Petra and Pontem.
+ The AtoDEX Mission feature is built on Devnet, so make sure to pick Devnet Aptos as the Network in your wallet.

2️⃣ Faucet APT Devnet

🔹 Faucet ATP Devnet instantly after selecting Devnet Aptos Network for your wallet by clicking on the Faucet button.
🔹 You will get 1 Devnet APT with each click.

3️⃣ Complete Mission

🔹 When all is set, return to and check your Missions.
🔹 Every day, 3 tasks will be assigned, with 10 AtoPoints granted for each completed task.
🔹 As soon as the Mission is completed, points will be available for claim. The daily maximum AtoPoints earned is 30.
AtoPoint can be redeemed to $ADX twice per month (15th and 30th, starting after Mainnet).